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30 Days Clean

Sep 1st - Sep 30th 2017

An all-in-one, complete plan that is laser focused on 
detox, weight loss and energising you.

It’s the Challenge that sheds kilos, promotes mental fitness and connects you with other like-minded legends.

Runs from Friday 1st Sept to Saturday 30th Sept 2017




  • Full Access to our FULL Flow Athletic Class Schedule – including yoga, spin , Functional strength ,our signature hybrid classes and outdoor training. Over 110 classes a week open 7 days

  • Complete DONE-FOR-YOU 30 Days CLEAN Nutrition Plan, Clean Cook book and our Flow Nutritional philosophy guide. These have been put together from some of the Country’s top nutritionists

  • Access to our members only 30 Days Clean Feb Facebook group. This is a great resource for support and education during the 30 days

  • Access to all of our 30 Days Clean events.

  • 2 Guided meditations for relaxation, recovery and focus

  • Your Flow Athletic 30 Days Clean Singlet

  • A ticket to our post challenge After party

Most importantly, you receive guidance from our coaches and motivation from the group to help you become healthier and happier!

Coaching and accountability are the magic touch to achieving your goals. If you’ve struggled in the past to get results and get your body looking and feeling the way you want it to, the #1 reason is usually lack of coaching and accountability. 

Simply put, there is no substitute for external motivation and personalised coaching from real experts who have achieved see-it-in-the-mirror results for other clients just like you. It’s the biggest secret to success. Give us the chance and we’ll prove that to you (you’ll be amazed by the results). 

The entire program is just 30 days. ONE MONTH of your life. Lose up to 5kg (or more) of fat off your body and get on the fastest track to a fit body and mind.



  • Lose more fat and inches faster than anything else you can do. Period.
  • Detox your body and get healthy. Your skin, eyes and whole body will be glowing
  • Get FAST body transforming results – with this level of accountability, combined with our proven 30-Day CLEAN Program, the results come quickly
  • Discover simple ways to make the right eating choices at home and when eating out (without dieting)
  • Cut exercise time in half – you’ll be shocked by how effective the right kind of exercise really is!
  • Get and keep your ideal weight…FOR LIFE – we empower you for a lifetime of fitness that makes you feel like a million bucks every single day
  • Dramatically decrease stress – stress kills your enthusiasm, your energy and harms your immune system
  • Have 3 – 4 times more energy (literally 300% to 400% increase in energy). Imagine how that makes you feel and perform!
  • Fire up your metabolism and burn fat 24 hours a day
  • More confidence – nothing makes you feel better about YOU than being fit, toned and looking terrific!


Benny and I created Flow Athletic to bring together like minded people through a well balanced and complete fitness philosophy. Our aim is to inspire health through remarkable experiences.

Kate Kendall, Co-Founder & Director of Yoga

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