Flow Athletic YOGA is the key to recovery and relaxation.

Each month, we introduce a new sequence offering you the ability to master postures, measure your results and begin to move with skill & ease.

Expect to lightly condition the whole body; improve mobility, the health of your spine and digestion, build greater core strength and learn how to slow down and relax.


Brand new to yoga? Great. We love beginners and use words you can relate to. You’ll learn the basics, understand safe and sustainable alignment and learn how to connect or flow between postures.


For both a desk bound and active body, this is a slow flowing class incorporating dynamic movements and long hold stretches. The pace of this practice makes it suitable for beginners to follow and advanced to tailor to their own strength. YOGA – Warrior:(all levels) Yoga with weights designed to sculpt, tone and burn calories.


Stronger flowing class to build strength and tone the whole body as well as deeply relax.


Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time.


Experience a sweet sip of vinyasa flow in our Rapid30 class. You will move through a dynamic sequence in 30 minutes designed to make you sweat and stretch you out – the perfect compliment to our other rapid classes in the fit & strength rooms.


Reset the nervous system. This is a mindfulness class designed specifically to cultivate presence from which you find more focus, ease and clarity. Expect a mix of breath work, meditation and other relaxation techniques.


A vinyasa flow yoga class with an emphasis on strengthening the core. Designed not only to sculpt and strengthen the abdominal area but also improve posture and body confidence. Think yoga flow with plenty of slow movement, led by core strength. This class will also improve your technique for other yoga classes.


Geared specifically for the male body, this yoga system was designed by Kate Kendall who has worked with numerous male athletes including professional triathletes and top Rugby League Players.

“Our sessions with Kate have been an important part of active recovery. Her uncomplicated & effective approach has led to greater mobility & faster recovery which only means we can train harder and perform better on the field.”
Greg Inglis, South Sydney Rabbitohs.


A 30min class designed to aid sleep, promote focus & relax you deeply; this guided meditation and relaxation session will teach you the art of switching off and winding down.


A 45 minute sculpt class using the bar to tone & shape. Focusing on butt, thighs, hips and abs, this yoga fusion class gets results fast.


Support our emerging teachers as they guide you through an hour of Flow Release.
Non-members can attend this class by making an over-the-counter to Beyond Blue. Teacher feedback is always welcome!


This is an in-class private designed to improve your yoga technique and set you up for a safe and enjoyable ongoing yoga practice. For the duration of the class, you have your own personal assistant who guides & adjusts and then sits with you after class to talk through any feedback and answer any questions. Enquires

Flow Athletic offers a complete health & wellness experience with Yoga, Strength & Fitness, everything your body needs to stay balanced. The Flow community makes walking up those stairs an absolute joy, the team are incredible, friendly and very inspiring.

Lani Hosken

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