Perfect for conditioning the whole body and providing you with the tools to move.

Perfect for conditioning the whole body our STRENGTH classes will provide you with the tools to move functionally & effectively.

Met Con 1

The ultimate fat burner. Rev up your metabolism, torch fat and get fitter with this total body circuit workout using metabolic conditioning. 

Circuit set up designed to use the principles of metabolic conditioning – using big muscles groups, set time period of effort and rest, keeping the heart rate up and using peripheral heart rate action to maintain intensity but changing working muscle groups – essentially upper body, lower body, mid section and repeat, using weights and bursts of plyo to keep heart rate high and constantly switching up the exercise to keep the body guessing.



Get strong AF – group instructor led strength training using kettle bells and dumbbells. Feel a total body burn as you challenge every muscles group from head to toe with Iron. Set up – a set of dumbbells, a kettle bell, a mat and you.

During this class your instructor will lead the class through various rounds of strength training exercises and principles. Format – single stations per class member – instructor led movement. Set order – warm up, whole body compounds then isolation work for legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, core cool down.


Feel like the bomb with a functional workout using your body weight and the TRX suspension trainer.

Group body weight warm up, functional mobility, then a circuit or split drills of body weight cardio and TRX strength movements – focusing on compound movements and multiple plane movements, a movement breakdown – small technique and discovery session of a challenging functional movement i.e. Turkish get up and a final group functional challenge.

The 411

Keeping it on the down low this sculpting class place four times the focus on the legs and lower body. Each round has 4 lower body exercises, 1 upper body and 1 core exercise – targeting the legs, butt and thighs but not forgetting the abs and arms too.

Just as it says 4 exercises for the lower body, 1 for the upper body and one for the core, lather, rinse repeat.


Mobility, stability, roll and release. Take action to recover and repair from intense training and help prevent sports related injuries by using the latest fascia release techniques and core stability drills to keep you stable and mobile and ready for action. 

Instructor led core and glute activation drills followed by foam rolling and fascia release exercises for glutes, quads, hammy, feet, lower legs, upper back and lats.

Our Flow Philosophy is intended to create a complete and well balanced workout and it’s working for hundreds of people in the community. We take care of minds and bodies and do it all in a way that’s approachable, fun and sustainable.

Kate Kendall, Co-Founder & Director of Yoga

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