Flow X

Work up a sweat outside.

Raise the bar and challenge yourself with these progressive, functional group training sessions in the outside arena.

Flow X utilises the best and most varied equipment to ensure you have the most beneficial cardiovascular and strengthening workout possible. These training sessions are ideal for those wanting to increase their cardio fitness, overall vitality and energy levels, boost metabolism and generally feel great.

Lift, run, throw and jump your way to a better body at Flow X, Flow Athletics Premier outdoor group training which is held in the pristine grounds of Centennial Park. Our workout are functional, fast paced and fun using a variety of equipment from ropes, sleds, power bags, med balls and more. All levels are welcome and everyone gets a great workout no matter your age or current fitness level.

Since training at Flow Athletic, I’ve loved watching my body change. The strength classes have made my yoga feel stronger and the yoga classes make my focus at work more intense. Love the balance. Love the team.

Bianca Cheah, Sporteluxe

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